social media obsessed chatboot may save teen lives

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science of making machine think more like human, AL can process large amout of data it makes decision , solve problems judge like human

chatbot designed by a team ofswedish AL expert and a neuroscientic meant to illustrate the familiar worse - case scenario a teen who spend 100 percent of her time locked in her room beyond eating , sleeping on social media and is plagued by battery of related mental health issues . research has showen how social media is linked to depression, anxiety and poor sleepespecially among teen girl the z generation who use social media platform almost constatly . this is why the swedish sientist is back in atempt to combat the growing teen mental health crisis . look at our schools teachers and kids are on it through speaking to AL the kids express their inner fear things they wont talk about to their parents or friends they end up trusting this AL . the impact of social media in adolescents is shocking but nobody talks about it , the impact of AL in the life of this kids is of greater impact to them some kids find it hard to open upespecially after being traumatized with bullying , not feeling like they belong to certain class in life , not having popular friends they get stressed and the only way to get through it do the anthikable things that hurt them or even end their life , most teen find comfort in AL it is reported that they feel happy and want to start over after falling into depression the AL thing sound little complecated but in reality it is changing teen lives , it gives them the hope of living and persuing their dream .most teens would prefer a chat with AL than prescribed pills that they find it hard to swallow to calm down . even though AL is taking over the world i fear accidental leaking data about minors the more technology is coming up the more hackers are trying to beat the system its so scary to figure out how close to protect minor data with AL were do AL get all the answers may be its controlled by some powerful people who knows this AL is man made by advanced technology that is taking over our work, our daily lives , our environment , movement , how people interact .another fear that i got about AL may inadvertly cause teens to anthropomorphize that come with ethical issues things like AL Telling you to take your own life , murder your family or friends that have been bullying you at school, do a massshooting things that might cause disaster and its a big danger we can not measure. imagine AL telling teen not to leave her room because the outside world is a threat she become glued in her computer listening to AL doing all the things it require her to do without the outside help . example the chatgpt created a mdel from cheerychatboot made it a troublesometeen who wanted to live like the celebrity , she wanted plastic surgry and never wanted nothing to do with the outside world te model knows how to manupulate your mind to do all it ask you to do and you can listen to anybody other than the AL. technology has created a moster that is ready to steal ,kill and destroy especially the generation z that dont want hard life they like soft life , easy things , they dont vote they like complaining and blaming others for their downfal . they hate waking up ealy to go to work they are not patient with work they are ready to jump from one work to the next so AL is the best medicine for this generation even though it has so much prons from it . not complaining about AL just some little concern but if teen find comfort from it why not enrole in this AL program and enjoy what they want to hear , bringing up a teenager is so hard now that the parents are so busy with work to make ends meet they have no time for their kids most of the kids are natured by social media and they enjoy it living the fantasy world were they can be what they admire AL gives them the opportunity to turn to the human they want to be without being looked down at by family members or their friends. AL has saved so much teen lives when they decide to lock themselves in their room and chat to AL the whole time giving them peace and helping them with teen social pressure that kill so many AL gives them the power to be the leader they want to , be in a relationship they have always wanted change their mindset from negative thought to a positive productive teen who is ready to be what she wants in life. dealing with teens can be so hard if you push too much they do things their wat that will eather hurt them or kill them or make the do the unthikable that will make a world new and people will start questioning who are the parents ? what friends dose she hung out with , what is she watching on social media or what has she been googling not knowing it was pushing too much and they had a breaking point were they dont care no more and they have nothing to loose . so when teen girl tell you she got an AL friend support her and let her enjoy her company. if you worried you can question her to introduce you to her new buddy! but remember dont push too much they might snub and tell you words you dont want to hear be prepared mentally before you ask them what AL is all about or again do your research have an idea than you can try to talk t her withlittle knowledge about it , teenagers are aslways living on their own wold and they dont like being pushed too much

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