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Syria- Rent the sky in every land

Singing in every land

This is to as sad
It will never be a strange land
When it is someone’s home it is mine too
You wonder where I come from this rhythmic dynamo
With talking drums calling no one fails to rise
How can we sleep when our land is fire?

Syria is not thousands of miles from home
In our palms we can see her map
In our lives her shape is tatooed in mourning
How shall it be possible that we are not dying in her?
I would my alarm wake me every hour of day
Women are giving their wombs for tombs

I saw the same arrows hit my homeland once
Sitting in our own land, home became exile
When a map is freer than the land and death is trodden
Beyond the rivers of Babylon must strong song be heard
You sing a song how you can for every bed is a strange land
when violence is every padlock and blood every key

I will sing my song with and without tuneful drums
In the music I will dream beyond sand dunes of horror
music daring submerged in 'daymarish' victory
must rise from every home I now in all lands
I will ask myself what my thoughts can do
I will answer to my own question with something I know

I have known too my nation held by a thread of life
Cobwebs of thoughtful prayer remained our all
When gripped by fear and engulfed in fire
voices outside were all our strength
Then I felt far winds dry our tears and saw desert dust turn into bread
When energies focus the world knows to renew

Maybe is not maybe in this unreasonable horror
the dead are not sleeping and us too make vigil
The hour of pain is shared only by the chosen few
Easy to count on five fingers continents
We are going to rent the skies with thought
make a cloth and wipe the blood from your land

It must rain reason in Syria now, not tomorrow
Graves and broken bones also deserve peace
Justice must be written on every ruin so sad
We all rise up like grains of sand and tell
And we tell you a sad on a sad day the truth
That the moon still rises and stalks the sun
We will not be silent, we watch every eye and keep
our lips moving and our hands talking.

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