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The end is near..

I'm saddened as I write this, but I think about all the good that has come from this amazing program thus far. The amazing friends I have made, the inspirational stories I have read, and the deeply emotional and thought-provoking conversations that have been created. Each of us having come into this program with very different experiences and lives, has given us the opportunity to bond over many things in concern to the issue of female empowerment.

This experience has been so gratifying and rewarding - it has allowed us to grow not only as victims and survivors but as supporters and advocates. In teaching each other about many new things, we have also learned many new things; and that in of itself is such a blessed gift.

For me, I think the last time I felt this empowered was when I finally kick-started Saving Angel. The feeling of adrenaline rushing throughout my body and excitment for the future is something I feel everytime I come on this website. I look forward to reading the stories that my peers have written about on this amazing platform. I'm excited to learn new things from my friends who are countries away. This sense of life and empowerment I hope to never give up. And I hope none of you all ever give it up.

I think it's safe to say that we've all found our place here in this network of empowerment. Many at times we spend years searching for our place, unaware that it was here this whole time. This gift we have been given here I will never take for granted; nor will I take for granted the friends that I have made.

Even though the end is yet to come, I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you amazing individuals who have summed up the courage to share your stories of struggle and survival. It takes a great deal of inner-confidence to do something as great as this.

As much as we are each victims; we are together survivors - and despite the end being near, the beginning is yet to come! Happy Empowerment Everyone!

Economic Power
Northern America
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