The Girl Leader

                      As a student i was brilliant playful and very receptive and i never discriminated or oppressed my fellow students, i had close friends who i didn't know were not really very comfortable with my association with the students they thought were not on their level. I got to know when i would offer to help some students and my friends will agree but some others they will stand against and try to discourage me and i wasn't sure why. At some point i was given a position to head a team in my school and i selected the most qualified to work with me which excluded my friends, that made them angry and they started kicking against my position and because they were from influential homes, they somehow got to me through the school admin and the girls i selected were removed and replaced with these ones. 

When they joined the team they tried to manipulated my decisions and judgments and did everything to oppress other students, one day i decided i had to either stop being their friend and resign as the team leader or continue at the detriment of other students' emotions, guess what "i did the right thing".

Female students should be thought to stand up for each other and not oppress at any opportunity given to them, because when they use their influence and position against each other they tend to grow with it and become bad female leaders and evil politicians.

                                                              My thoughts though...

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