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The leader in my student


I want to share a story of how empowering a 15 year old kid helped her ace her examination.
15 year old Radha (name changed) was one of my regular students in the community centre of the organisation where I teach on weekends. Because of my college and other engagements I could just help her out on weekends. One day she comes up to me and enquires about this new ‘facility’ in her brothers mobile which enables his brother to hear any song that he wants to. This magic device apparently also allowed her to watch movies and so she went on bragging about this ‘facility’ in the mobile! I asked her if she really understood the importance of this ‘facility’ because this ‘facility’ is not bound only to entertainment. She seemed perplexed. The next class I showed them all how the facility could be operated using my cell phone. I taught the class to open Google’s homepage anfd how they could continue surfing. Then I asked them if they had any query in general about any subject, I got a lot of questions. One by one I Googled as many queries I could and to my satisfaction I could see all the children’s smiling and elated at their enlightenment! Little did i know that this act of mine would go on to become even more impactful! Radha after the class went to her brother and started using google as and when she got the opportunity to do so. Soon she mastered using the internet effortlessly. A week prior to her annual exams Radha and her classmates were still struggling with their maths concept. As much as i tried to help her over phone, it simply wasn't effective enough. This is when Radha realised that she might as well google her doubts and it wasn’t long before she and her friends started watching videos lectures of basic maths in her brother’s handset! Excited at her new discovery, she started learning maths tricks and then went on to teach her friends and within 4 days they cleared most of their maths doubts! Needless to say she scored very well in her exam and her illiterate brother was more than happy to lend his mobile.
Radha made me realise that it won’t be long before we achieve the long cherished dream of having a literate population in the world. There are thousands of apps and websites which enable us to acquire new skill set. Like Radha, I am sure that there are millions out there who use their online empowerment to create an impact offline. At least she has inspired me to do the same, for before every class, I check out some important trivia related to the class.

This story how effectively and smoothly online empowerment can lead to offline empowerment.

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