The Story of Water Woman:

The Story of Water Woman:

Water Woman was born in a small village called Waseca. Though she was born of Water, she was surrounded by a tribe of Fire. They burned so brightly that their heat and desire for consumption dried out Water Women's elemental roots. As she grew and her limbs became longer, she too became well acquainted with Fire. She forgot about her Water beginnings and who she was.

During this time of forgetting, she burned so hot and bright that she destroyed not only those around her, but herself as well. She was hot to the touch, and this fiery rage that brewed within drove away any real chance for love and intimacy with herself and the world around her. Her heart became blackened. She grew into a deep despair and suffered greatly. There was a voice inside of her, deep down that whispered “come home”. She would soon find out the origins of this voice.

She knew that she was not a Fire person; she was created to be something else. She longed for the soft peacefulness that she felt as a young being, before being taken over by the flames of Fire. She knew she had to change; to shed her skin and leave her charred remains in her wake. She felt she had to leave everything she thought she knew behind. Her tribe of Fire would never understand a Water person.

They told her she was crazy and that she should not leave. She would never succeed and survive on her own. But what they did not know is that if she stayed she would surely succumb to her burning rage and become nothing more than a pile of ash. She could feel the call of her true essence, her longing within. The nudge was there, in her heart center. It called out to her very core. She was scared to take these steps forward into the unknown and away from her tribe, but she was even more afraid of staying. 

She packed up what little belongings she had and traveled to a new place, thousands of miles away from her village. She traveled to the place where Water and Fire meet. Here she began to peel away at the hardened shell she had grown during her time with the Fire people. She began to take on more of her Water nature. She slowed down and brought peace into her being and her blackened heart. Slowly, she began to soften and open. She grew more rooted and joyful. She felt as though she had finally found her tribe and most importantly herself.

 She felt she was ready to face what she had so long pushed away-the truth of who she was. She knew she was meant to help the Fire people remember that they too were Water.

Like her, they had simply forgotten this. It was at this time Water Woman realized that she could not have one without the other, she needed both her watery essence and her fiery roots to remain balanced. She spent much of her time in the place where Water and Fire meet, cultivating a deeper connection with herself. For so long, she despised who she was and the turbulent depths that took her up and down. But she stuck with these storms and rode through her fears; knowing that eventually they would subside and she would again know peace.

By now, her blackened heart had given way and she emerged forth into her true self. She knew who she was born to be. The Stars had shown her as she lay beneath their canopy each evening. As she watched them shine as nothing but who they were designed to be, she realized that she was one of them.

One day, while communing with her plant brothers and sisters in the jungle, she felt the call of her tribe below her feet. They were signaling for her that it was time to acknowledge her roots again.  She was born as Water but she was raised to burn fiercely and wash away the suffering of herself and her people. But Water Woman felt that she still was not ready to face the flames that burned within her so fiercely. She was afraid they would again overtake her and she would forget her essence.


Origins of Story:

I wanted to share this story I wrote that is based off of my journey diving deeper within, chasing my dreams, and moving to the beautiful islands of Maui and the Big Island. Leaving my old self behind was not easy for me to do. Listening to my inner voice or my soul was also not easy. I faced a lot of backlash not only from my inner critic, but from external sources as well. I think that we all face certain challenges and times in our lives when we must take a journey (whether this be symbolically or literally) to shed the layers of who we thought we were in order to uncover the person we are meant to be.

I now help other women reconnect to their wildness through my many offerings such as coaching, retreats, courses, and writings. Connect with me on my website: or on Instagram: rylee_wildwomanhealing 


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