UrGreen (#her green legacy ) :a way to establish women leadership in climate change

URgreen, our 3-month campaign aims to empower young urban women (18–35) to become agents of change through hydroponic farming. We'll target homemakers and aspiring female entrepreneurs, equipping them with the knowledge and resources to generate income sustainably, promote gender equality in agriculture, and contribute to a greener future. The expected outcomes are:

1. This Campaign will present an opportunity to reduce unemployment by creating a sector where target audience can take their first steps in urban farming, fostering empowerment and economic independence.

2. By utilizing the idea on implementation location for rooftop farming, we can meet a significant portion of the city's nutritional demand with fresh, locally grown vegetables, contributing to a greener economy.

3.The campaign outcome is multifaceted, with a focus on promoting collective farming, empowering women, and fostering leadership roles within communities. The KPI will be denoted by inspiring them to break down the barriers and challenging stereotypes within this sector. We will hand-pick future ambassadors for our campaign which will promote to take actions for achieving SDG-13.

4. Engaging and educating individuals about the benefits of hydroponic farming will lead to faster and healthier plant growth, higher yields, and the establishment of eco-friendly practices without the need for pesticides.

5. Housewives will play a vital role in rooftop farming, contributing to family income and achieving self-reliance.

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