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We & Our Society

Who lives in the limits of chained enclosure of those confined walls of societal pressure, our body does,but what about our mind?

It is free to soar and rise above the crest and troughs of the limitations of society.So,is it right or is it unlawful, is it loyalty or is it treachery when we tend to cross the rules laid down by the makers of society?

When I say society, it embraces people across walls,lanes, castes, religions, borders, nations and around the world, in fact an overall nomenclature and definition of humanity.

Society needs illumination in every age,it needs that path which can lead to eternal light of wisdom and not to the dark abyss of destruction.It needs those pillars of strength and support which makes it stand even in rough weathers like a shelter. In fact ,it wont be wrong if I say, being civilized and that group in collective forms a society.

Or society is just a mixture of civilized and uncivilized people who tend to be on loggerheads taking out swords in every instance trying to shed blood .

Ironically , this is the definition of SOCIETY : The term \"society\" came from the Latin word societas, which in turn was derived from the noun socius (\"comrade, friend, ally\"; adjectival form socialis) used to describe a bond or interaction between parties that are friendly, or at least civil.

Then if we live, struggle, grow, die as an individual , what makes us bend to the norms of society which are not correct or sometimes illogical?

Being cultured, being civilized, being humane, is what matters when you are human.Our ideas, our opinions, our ideologies, our thoughts should in no way hamper the growth of others neither harm their being physically or emotionally, and if each one of us takes care of these, society will surely run smoothly with its own set of humanitarian principles.

I liberate myself from the shackles of these definitions like that caged bird fluttering away from the pinion of narrow minded apprehensions.the moment I choose to scribble on the empty canvas .

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