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When an opportunity presents itself..

While on worldpulse today, I was lucky to come across the 'Launching Voices of Our Future Training Program 2013' and I decided to submit my application and take this wonderful opportunity up with so much hope. Opportunities like this (sadly) come once in a while despite living in what the world considers a developed nation/first-world country.

As mentioned by @hocinedim: "Just because you're not affected by an issue, this doesn't mean that issue isn't important. That's privilege 101"

There are two important aspects of that quote that I'd like to discuss in terms of this amazing opportunity.

One: Issues of Importance
Majority of people within Canada are not affected by these issues that we as activists (men & women) are trying to raise awareness about. Just like indivduals around the world, they are just trying to get through every day and with economic downfalls/lack of jobs/no stability, its difficult for any individual to take time out of their schedule to consider sharing an article about these issues or even commenting on an article. Not to say that those are excuses - and they're not; but this is just the mindset that many of us live with. For them ultimately, these issues don't affect them, and as a result, mean that the issue isn't important. Through this wonderful program, we can learn the skills and the qualifications to help raise more awareness about these important issues through literature and media (art in all of its facets). I think these amazing opportunities when presented should be something that we all take full advantage of. Learning how to voice our opinions, share our thoughts and connect worldwide is such an essential tool in today's world, especially when considering the government's lack of commitment to addressing these issues, and our ability to use techonology at increasingly vast rates.

Two: Privilege
When I was filling out the Applicant Questionnaire, and I read this question, saw the options and responded - I immediately thought of how privileged I am in comparison to so many others - not only worldwide but even within my own country. The question was:
How often do you access the internet? *
- Every day
- 4-6 times per week
- 1-3 times per week
- Less than 1 time per week
- Other:
My response: Every day. I have an amazing cell phone (aka smartphone) that allows me to post my updates to our Twitter/Facebook page (allowing me to access the internet on the go) & I have interent access at home. How is it that I consider myself so privileged and yet I complain when the internet goes down, or when I didn't have the smartphone? Being privileged is something that so many of us take for granted. We forget how easy it is for us to use various forms of techology, log onto the internet, use Facebook/Twitter - and it's only when we see these types of inspirational opportunities, are we reminded of how privileged we are. This gift of asking questions and learning through this program is such a privilege, that I'm sure so many men and women worldwide would do anything to have. It hurts me to think about all the applicants who had to choose one of the other options, because they aren't as privileged as I am. This aspect of our daily lives that we call technology has created such a huge gap between children and adults of low economic standards/development and the rest of us, who like me have access to the internet at our finger tips.

If you're reading this post, please join and get involved in this amazing opportunity, so that we can collectively raise awareness and share our opinions about issues that matter the most. Here are some of the benefits to joining this program as mentioned by the coordinators:

Benefits of the program include:
- Citizen journalism and digital empowerment training via phone and Internet by renowned experts, including program partners The Global Press Institute and The Op-Ed Project
- Personal coaching sessions and support via phone and Internet from a Vision Mentor
- Opportunities for publication through World Pulse and partner media organizations
- Opportunities to connect with grassroots women leaders from around the globe
- Personal development, including increased self-awareness, confidence, and empowered leadership
- Professional development, including improved skills in citizen journalism, digital empowerment and networking
- Nurturing and collaborative relationships with women, and our allies, across the globe
- Increased visibility for issues and challenges faced by you and your community
- Technology stipend to offset communication costs*

Remember, if you choose to bypass this opportunity, you are choosing to take for granted this amazing privilege that so many are attempting to have. Let our voices be heard & let our opinions be vioced!

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