Women get sense well-well (Pidgin English Post )

If you get organization and you wan negotiate deal abeg go wit your female employee. 

Dis na because women naturally get sweet mouth and sometin for bodi wen dey make both men and women mind soft well-well.

Rememba how Eve use her sweet mouth to wine Adam lol. 

Eheh before somebodi go say women be sometin else remember say na the same mouth wen persin fit take do bad tin naim e fit still take do good tin.

For example Okonjo Iweala use dat sweet mouth dat year to clear Nigeria debt.

Mary use that sweet mouth to persuade her son to perform him first miracle.

Men and women no be the same even for office environment. E get where man get advantage. E get where women get advantage.  

You as oga or madam must learn how to harness the different but complementary gifts wen men and women get.

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