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World Epidemic to World Women's Day

I work in Soyagaon block of Aurangabad district.  Today, the struggle of the woman between the global epidemic and the global women's day, which I have seen, was very terrible.  Because women suffer the most every time.  As there is no food grains in the house, problems of water, problems of gas, health problems all hurt more women.  Later children, old men, and men do all this.  During this epidemic, when the woman came to see him, first the woman could do more work.  Now more work has to be done.  Just like there are four people in the house, everyone is sitting at home, so they have to cook their food, and all their wishes are fulfilled, and later on bringing the money by doing household chores, all the work fell on the woman, then the woman was also working with a lot of pain.  .  So the woman who was sitting at home used to torture her like torture, abusing her and doing these things.  This was happening due to lack of employment.  There was a lot of quarrel, intoxication, and all these women tolerated at home, so he did not pay any attention to her health.  Small children, old people also used to suffer a lot in the house.  The woman did not pay attention to herself.  I have seen all this closely.  And inflation came from above.  All of this has to be seen by the woman.  When the woman will be able to be independent and she will understand that I am happy for others, but I need it for me as well, then it will cost me in the society to change.  Therefore, in the days to come, I want to do different training with women and give them information about the authority and authority of the industry.  Enabling them by training and making them industrialists and if they have money in their hands, then power also comes.  That is why I want to train women in 1000 women in 2021.  This worldly woman visits me on behalf of the day.

Economic Power
Gender-based Violence
South and Central Asia
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