World Pulse is a Global Movement to Empower Women

I am a single women,

Who belongs to a minority of Pakistan?

Lives in the third most dangerous country of the world for women

And I am girl’s education activist

You can imagine my life, I would work 20 hours a day for years and year, I had to face discrimination, failure, abuse, insult, threats, attacks & slaps on my face for teaching girls and there was only my pillow which would know of my tears, my parents are old and I have no brother in a society where men treat women like slaves I am a big threat for those men therefor they do everything they can to get me give up on my mission. I got sick with stress and doctor said you will die soon, reduce your stress and work load but I decided that I will plant a seed of education and empowerment in hearts of girls until I have a last beat in my heart because ultimately everyone have to die therefor being killed is not a big deal but illiteracy and ignorance because it can kill humanity.

But then I joined World Pulse and shared my experiences, it was life changing. I was accepted, I was respected, I was admired and I was made feel that I am not alone in the mission on which I am.

I won a prize for my writing and work and from the support, we started 9 new projects, number of our students increased from 120 to 300, from 1 to 10 villages, we hired more teachers, from around the world people started joining us as volunteers, I started getting respect and appreciation from around the world.  And for the first time my students were able to sit in a room under a roof which I bought with the prize money, and this is just a beginning.

I never looked behind after that and kept working even with more struggle, I got more contacts and there was enough support to make two more new school until March-2018, making these two proper schools, with everything chairs, tables, books, fans, electricity, paint in those two buildings was a huge deal for me, my friend Malee Kenworthy is also working with me side by side who does fundraising for me every month who is also a World Pulse community member and I deal everything on front, our team has reached to 15 members, expenses have been increased so much, dealing with so many mothers and children and staff is a big matter, I have to meet at least 20 different people every day apart from my team, I teach seven hours a day in school each day I spend with a different class, I listen their lessons, talk to the students and ask class teacher to observe how I teach so she can learn after that one hour I spend with my team so we can discuss all day’s activity and can guide each other through our experience, everyday there are new needs in the schools, I have to pass by a road to reach there and I have to take so many measures for my security before this daily, after school I work online, I admin our social media accounts, read and write emails, have meetings, prepare lessons, prepare budget and think of solutions of our every day’s problems.

I know if I will take break even for one day next day work will be the double but almost two months before something starting happening to me, I would fell dizzy, tired, sleepy there was unbearable pain, I did not want to do any work but I would drag myself to work, my blood pressure started remain low all the time, I was so sick on staying in bed all the time, I did not want to talk to anyone, 300 lives depend on me, I am a hope for their future, I knew I have to be available to my team always , I was afraid of going to doctor because I did not have extra money to visit the doctor so I  started praying and crying I found no way because I knew it was my back and my lower abdominal swear deficiency of iron and vitamin D which give me pain since many years now  and it will take a lot of money to get its treatment and then one day a very generous friend of mine called me all the way from USA( Again a World Pulse leader) she inquired about my health I told her my condition, she said I will pay for your medication must visit the doctor and today after having my treatment I am feeling better and I am able to write on World Pulse once again.

I joined world Pulse, World Pulse gave me new life and I became able to give new life to hundreds and thousands in my country, World Pulse is not only giving women an opportunity to have their say and to be heard but it is giving life time friendships, creating sisterhood and helping women in so many different ways I am its proof

Whenever I feel myself drowned in so many issues and find no way to get out of them, I feel so lonely and helpless, someone from World Pulse comes to me and tells me ‘’ Sister Zeph you are not alone we are here for you’’   


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