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It is the goal of World Pulse to heal our environment. Read stories from women who are advocating for a healthy environment and contribute your voice for Earth


Women and the Environment

The women at World Pulse women strive to heal our earth. To accomplish this, they are speaking out on the environment, from climate change to environmental degradation to agriculture. Hear from these female activists and then contribute your story to help heal the Earth.

Hear From Women & Environmental Justice Leaders

World pulse is home to hundreds of stories and articles from women, female environmentalists and those who are active with environmental justice. Not only are they sharing their experiences, but they are contributing to the solution of climate change and other environmental degradation. Join the conversation today to educate, feel and be empowered to help in the fight against environmental setbacks. These women are a voice for our Earth and they want you to become part of the conversation.

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Women Active in Environmental Change

The planet is our home and whether you are a nature lover, an environmental activist, or a steward of natural resources, your story matters more than ever. We want to hear about your personal efforts, challenges and successes as an environmental activist. Take action and share a love letter or explain the environmental threats that surround you. Every piece of writing, article, story or creative outlet is welcome. Our community of women needs to hear about your stories describing the beauty the natural environment can bring in order to empower us to fight to preserve it. Take a stand, fight for our Earth.