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Read stories about women's issues, rights and roles in society, contribute to the women's rights movement, and create a better future for young girls.

Girl Power Conquering Women’s Issues

Today, women’s issues range from gender discrimination to body image to societal and parental pressure and more. Unfortunately, girls face a myriad of challenges but World Pulse is contributing to gender empowerment and women’s rights through stories for women, by women. These stories cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Women in Technology
  • Women and the Environment
  • Women’s Health
  • Women Leadership
  • Girl’s Rights

Empowered Women Starting Their Stories

When you join the World Pulse platform you will read stories from women who are leading efforts to ensure that the voices of our future are poised to lead and thrive. Their stories cover topics like the importance of women and their role in society to empowering women through technology . Many would say that women are the backbone of society and that expanding the women’s movement through stories, writing, and articles can bring a multitude of advantages and change to our world. We hope that these women in the movement empower you to make some of these changes.

Get Involved in The Discussion of Girl Power

The greatest force for change in women’s rights and place in society is closer than you think. At World Pulse, we encourage you to speak out in support of your daughters, your nieces, and girls everywhere. You can do that by writing a letter to your younger self. While giving advice to your younger self, maybe you will inspire someone else. Tell us about your advocacy of women’s issues or share a story about the challenges girls in your community face, and your recommendations for ways to overcome these challenges. We want to hear your ideas for solutions and encouraging words of gender empowerment.

Whether you are a grandmother reflecting on your childhood or a young woman navigating the world today, we want to hear your story!

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