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Read stories about the issues that girls face today and their rights and roles in society. Contribute to empowering girls and create a better future for them.


What Does It Mean to Empower a Girl?

Girls’ empowerment refers to the process of equipping girls with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to realize their full potential, make informed decisions, and take control of their lives. This involves providing girls with access to education, healthcare, and other essential services, as well as promoting gender equality and breaking down stereotypes.

How Girl Power Can Change the World

Today, girls’ issues range from gender discrimination to body image to societal and parental pressure and more. Unfortunately, girls face myriad challenges, but World Pulse is contributing to gender empowerment and women’s rights through stories for women, by women. These stories cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Girls and Technology
  • Education for Girls
  • Girls’ Health
  • Leadership Opportunities for Girls
  • Girls’ Rights

Why Is Empowering Girls Important?

Girls’ empowerment is important because it helps to promote gender equality, reduce poverty and promote economic growth, improve health outcomes, and create a more inclusive and just society. When empowered, girls are more likely to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and agents of change, helping to create a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

How Can You Contribute to Girls’ Empowerment?

The conversation and involvement with the following girls’ empowerment topics are critical to giving girls the tools they need to become empowered women:

  • Providing access to education: Education is a powerful tool for girls and can help them gain skills, knowledge, and confidence. By providing access to education, girls can develop the skills they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives.
  • Promoting gender equality: This means creating a society where all children have equal rights and opportunities. Empowering girls means working toward eliminating gender-based discrimination and violence.
  • Encouraging girls to speak up: Girls need to be encouraged to speak up and express their thoughts and opinions. Girls can become more confident and assertive when we listen to their ideas, concerns, and perspectives..
  • Providing mentorship and role models: Girls need role models to inspire and motivate them. By providing mentorship and positive role models, girls can learn from those before them and gain the confidence they need to succeed.
  • Encouraging girls to pursue their interests: Girls need to be encouraged to pursue their interests and passions, regardless of societal expectations or stereotypes. Girls can discover their strengths and build their self-esteem by following their passions.

Empower Girls By Sharing Your Stories

When you join the World Pulse platform, you will read stories from women who are leading efforts to ensure that the voices of our future are poised to lead and thrive. Their stories cover topics like the importance of women and their role in society to empowering women through technology. Many would say that women are the backbone of society and that expanding the women’s movement through stories, writing, and articles can bring many benefits and change to our world. We hope these women in the movement empower you to make some changes.

Join Us

Nuria Gracia gives girls a path to self-sufficiency by teaching teen moms how to heal trauma and create their own businesses.

Through years of research, Nuria Gracia of Mexico and Spain discovered that providing at-risk teenage girls with a tangible way to make a living reduced poverty and created a chain of wealth in their families and communities. This, in turn, helped to mitigate abuse and injustice. Her initiative, Craft Atelier & Boots, trains teen moms in rural and rainforest environments to start their first businesses and become self-sufficient. “I believe it’s time for us to create and build new systems to change the cycles of domination and submission we face we face as women and girls,” Nuria says.

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After narrowly escaping sexual violence as a teenager, Ruth Okoirhon of Nigeria launched a community safety campaign for girls.

Ruth Okoirhon’s initiative, Filles-Couvrant (Girls Covering), helps to prevent sexual and gender-based violence by equipping participants with the resources to identify it, call it out, and prevent it from happening to other girls. The participants become ambassadors in their community, receiving a club membership badge and impacting other girls. “We need to raise girls to understand their agency and not be afraid to exercise it – girls who go above and beyond to lift other girls to flourish into confident women,” Ruth says.

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As a young woman refugee in Myanmar, Hkawn Nan is creating safe spaces for girls to access education.

After fleeing her home because of a civil war, Hkwan Nan learned how hard it was to access education and opportunities while living in a refugee camp. As a facilitator for Colorful Girls, she ensures that refugee girls have access to information about their reproductive health, stress management, leadership, and digital safety through workshops. “The seminars have boosted [girls’] confidence and enlightened them on how to deal with various difficulties,” HKawn says.

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Get Involved in The Discussion of Girl Power

The greatest force for change in women’s rights and place in society is closer than you think. At World Pulse, we encourage you to speak out in support of girls everywhere. You can do that by writing a letter to your younger self. While giving advice to your younger self, maybe you will inspire someone else. Tell us about your advocacy of women’s issues or share a story about the challenges girls in your community face and your recommendations for ways to overcome these challenges. We want to hear your ideas for solutions and encouraging words for gender empowerment.

Building Networks and Communities

World Pulse is a global social network that connects women and girls from around the world. By providing a platform for girls to share their stories and connect, World Pulse can help amplify girls' voices and promote their empowerment. World Pulse builds networks and communities of girls and women who can support and empower each other and share resources. This can include connecting girls with mentors, providing training and skills development, and promoting peer-to-peer support.

Types of Girls’ Empowerment

Several types of girls’ empowerment initiatives aim to support girls and promote gender equality. These types of girls’ empowerment initiatives can work together to support girls and promote gender equality, ensuring that girls have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

  • Education: One of the most important types of girls’ empowerment is education. Providing girls with access to quality education helps them develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. This can include initiatives such as building schools, providing scholarships, and supporting girls' enrollment and attendance.
  • Health and Wellness: Another important area of girls’ empowerment is health and wellness. Ensuring girls have access to healthcare services, including reproductive health services, can help them stay healthy and make informed decisions about their bodies.
  • Leadership and Mentorship: Girls benefit from role models and mentorship. Providing girls with opportunities to learn from successful women leaders can help them build confidence and develop the skills they need to become leaders.
  • Economic Empowerment: Economic empowerment initiatives focus on helping girls and young women build financial independence and economic security. This can include providing vocational training, supporting entrepreneurship, and promoting access to financial services.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Advocacy and awareness initiatives focus on changing cultural norms and attitudes that limit girls' opportunities. This can include raising awareness about the importance of girls' education, promoting gender equality, and addressing issues such as child marriage and gender-based violence.


Whether you are a grandmother reflecting on your childhood, a mom raising a daughter, or a young woman navigating the world today, we want to hear your story!