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Women, Peace, and Security

Join the discussion around protecting women's peace, safety, and security. Hear from women who are ushering in a more peaceful and secure world.


Women are on the front lines of the peace and security movement.

Women are often on the front lines of conflict – not just as victims or combatants, but as powerful agents of peace. Yet, we remain on the outside of peace and security decision-making. On World Pulse, women are sharing stories and starting initiatives to bring about a more secure world.

The Importance of Women in the Movement for Peace

Women face unique challenges and vulnerabilities amid conflict and violence. As a result, women can provide valuable insights and perspectives on the specific needs and concerns that must be addressed to achieve lasting peace and security.

Research has shown that peace agreements and peacebuilding efforts that include the meaningful participation of women are more likely to be successful and lead to long-term stability. At World Pulse, we provide a powerful platform for women to share their stories and solutions related to peace and security efforts.

Bringing a Community Together through the Peace Movement

Reading women’s first-hand accounts is a powerful way to learn about safety and security. When women feel safe and secure, they are more able to actively contribute to the world around them. The extent to which women feel safe and secure has social, political, and economic consequences for families, communities, and the world. .

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Sharing stories and experiences can be a powerful way for women to connect, build solidarity, and find support. When you share your story, you can raise awareness about the issues and challenges you face and provide valuable insights and perspectives on how to address these issues.

Let’s make those most affected by conflict — women — in charge of finding solutions. Together, we are raising our voices to create a more peaceful and secure world for everyone. Join our community to hear from women on the front lines and to share your own story