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Women, Technology, and the Digital Revolution

World Pulse's platform is a safe supportive social network for women to harness the power of digital tools to bring about gender equity. Join us to learn more about the digital revolution and how women are calling for a more just digital world.


Women and Technology

Women worldwide are using tech to power movements, learn about and secure their rights, advocate for marginalized groups, and mobilize offline actions. But they say technology needs a transformation of its own. To achieve this, World Pulse is using our platform as a tool for empowerment.

Not All Tech is Created Equal: Issues Affecting the Gender Gap in Technology

In every country — from Brazil to Norway, Canada to Zimbabwe — women online face technology-enabled violence, misinformation, privacy violations, and barriers to access and skills training.

Underrepresentation of Women in Tech

Women, especially women of color, are underrepresented in the tech field. When women are missing as both users and makers of technology, the world misses out on their solutions.

Technology Access and Use

The gender digital divide is real. Nearly half of the world’s women are still offline. According to the World Economic Forum, women have 23% less access to the internet than men — 30–50% less in some countries — and the skills gap is only worsening.

Digital Safety

Even when women do have access to transformative digital tools, the internet can be a traumatic place: 52% of young women online report experiencing online harassment, according to a recent report from the World Wide Web Foundation.

World Pulse does tech differently. We are a safe, supportive social network for women to gather online to share stories and solutions to the world's most pressing problems. Women on World Pulse speak out, encourage each other, and find the leadership skills and solidarity they need to power movements.

Using Technology as a Tool for Empowerment

Technology is a powerful tool for enabling women's leadership, and on World Pulse, women are harnessing the power of digital tools to fuel movements. From teaching girls how to code to inventing apps to address gender-based violence, delivering healthcare, and more, tech-savvy women are leading the way to a better future. Here are just a few of the ways World Pulse is contributing to this empowerment:

  • We provide a safe platform to tell your story
  • We share resources that combat false information and stigmas
  • World Pulse provides a place to express yourself creatively
  • We encourage engaging in advocacy
  • World Pulse expands networks, relationships, and connections
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Other Topics & Trends Affecting Women & Technology Today

  • Privacy and Data Concerns – Women are worried about how their personal information might be used and the different vulnerabilities that may result. They lack trust in companies, governments, and others regarding how their data are handled.
  • Surveillance – Women share concerns that technology makes it easier for governments, corporations, or intimate partners to monitor their activities, locations, and speech.
  • Access Barriers – There are still many women who not only lack access to technology, but the skills to navigate it.
  • Bias in Algorithms – For AI to work equitably, tech companies must prioritize collecting data from women and other underrepresented groups.
  • Environmental Impacts of Technology – Digital technologies, which often include mined materials, can harm the environment.

Women worldwide are harnessing technology as a tool for change, from mobile apps that track gender-based violence to crowdfunding platforms for female social entrepreneurs. On World Pulse, we see the power of women using digital tools to change lives every day. We want to hear your story about how technology impacts you and your community, and how you're using technology to usher in change.