Conserve and sustain

Be kind😊❤️if you can't be then don't be unkind🙂 #service to Humanity, service to God❤️

We keep going by the slogan service to humanity service to God,, HINIVUU (the seven principles of redcrosss) and Tutti Fratelli meaning we are all brothers. In a world where everything turns to be dark in this era ,,,let love lead❤️and be kind😊❤️,if you can't be kind then don't be unkind 🙂 because we don't know people's mental health state out here so all you can do is being kind❤️

Learn to appreciate others ,listen to others ,guide and lead in an appropriate way,,, embrace growth ,,face challenges and always accept difficult situations because no cloud sits on a person's house for a whole day,,,challenges pass too,,and there are better days a head.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness ,,by the theme :we conserve and sustain,,,and a better planet Earth last week we had a clean up activity as the Maasai Mara university redcrosss chapter,in collaboration were the turkey crew(scouts),,,wildlife club,,,peer educators,modeling and the music team.

Together we joined hands to clean the school and the neighborhood to ensure a clean and condusive environment,,,though the whole process was tiring through team work we collaborated and the clean up was done.

After that we had a talk on mental health and how to handle stress as young and upcoming leaders how to sustain our environment and how to be better advocates for mental health and human rights.

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