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Nominating Adriana Leigh G for a World Pulse Spirit Award

Adrianna has been such a caring Encourager for some time now. She always puts her heart into what she offers, making that Encourager connection that means so much to us, as we write our stories on World Pulse. Does anyone care? Does anyone see value in what we are writing about? Adrianna not only cares, she tunes in deeply, sends genuine love, writes wise words that confirm that what we have said has meaning and worth, and that she is genuinely glad to be able to send encouragement.

I have an inside experience of knowing how genuine and caring Leigha is, because we live in the same city, and without knowing it, had been walking in the same city park, loving and getting energy from the same ancient trees here in Montreal, Canada. Last winter we met in person for the first time and I was able to tell her how much I loved her ways of responding on World Pulse. Here is the photo of the moment we met. A covid-careful meeting, hug from a safe distance.

It is with happiness that I can send in before the deadline, this nomination of Leigha for a World Pulse Spirit Award.

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