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Nominating Neema Namadamu for a World Pulse Spirit Award

Neema has been with World Pulse since 2011, and though she sends in news regularly, for those of us who have been following her closely for some years, we are aware of the pyramid of work she has accomplished and continues, bringing thousands of women together and online through the Centres she has created in the Democratic Republic of Congo such as the Maman Shugaa Centre, and though her continual outreach to women in rural communities.

Her intention stated in an earlier story is “to give women and especially handicapped women a place to come be heard, find love and support”. She has been on the frontlines of women standing together against the ongoing war in her country, and challenged men in governmental positions on the dismal lack of funding to these organizations that are saving the lives of women. The centres and organizations she has created make possible healing from the rampant violence against women and girls that is ongoing in the DRC. Her work is honoured by many. 

Here is a link to a recent celebration of Neema:

She has long been a leader many of us are inspired and emboldened by, and it is an honour to nominate her for a World Pulse Spirit Award.

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