Women of Purpose

As we drove along in the taxi, heading to my interview on Sunday, we passed a very impressive looking entourage, the vechiles were some of the most expensive and included a long line of security vans, well buffed and polished.

While I was wondering what this was all about I heard the solemn sound of music and then saw the huge white, prestine, hearst that carried the remains of one of our countries richest female entrepreneurs

As our vechile sped past I could not help but wonder. What is life, no matter how huge our bank account is, we cannot pay for an extension when that time comes.

We can carry nothing of all, the status we have, the material possessions we have acquired, their cost doesn't matter

What will last is the memory others have of you, will they smile as they recall their interactions, or will they carry a heavy weight burden by the unresolved

What would you leave behind , this lady was described as kind, generous, a philanthropist, a woman of great faith, a visionary loved by everyone that knew her, she had built an empire from scratch and she has left a legacy.

There comes a time when no matter how powerful you are, your control over your circumstances are no longer yours

Life is amazing, while you have breathe, use every minute of it purposefully

We can't control, when, but we have control of what we do with the time we have. You may not be able to become a philanthropist and impact the lives of hundreds, but you may be able to impacted the life of a few, even if they are those closest to you.

While material things have their place, and purpose, the things that really matter are the ones that have the most value but cost the least.

My taughts were interrupted as I was gently imformed we had reached the destination, I counted it a blessing to be alive and still have the opportunity to share my taughts ts and encouage someone

I believe we have to seize the moments, use every opportunity we get to make a difference to create real value.

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