Voices and Innovations for a Sustainable Future

You rallied your voices for climate justice — and the message is clear: World Pulse members are leading innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Last month, World Pulse asked you to share your stories and projects related to climate justice in the lead up to the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which runs from November 30 through December 12.

We received an overwhelming response, with 135 stories and initiatives from members across 28 countries! We also heard from dozens of changemakers championing solutions and speaking out to mobilize for change and increased climate commitment.

Taken together, the message is clear: Addressing climate justice requires more than reducing emissions; it's about confronting root causes while supporting communities with innovative, sustainable solutions.

Climate justice is intersectional and we need inclusive solutions

Across different regions and contexts, stories and initiatives shared a theme of recognizing and addressing the interconnectedness of climate justice with other global issues impacting women. World Pulse leaders emphasized the importance of understanding and tackling underlying issues such as poverty, inequality, gender-based violence, and inadequate access to healthcare and education to pursue environmental sustainability.

Your stories also emphasized the need for inclusivity and active community involvement in environmental initiatives. From Cameroon to the Philippines, World Pulse leaders stressed the importance of creating opportunities for women and youth to actively engage in environmental protection, sustainable practices, and green businesses. These stories highlight the belief that inclusive, community-driven efforts are essential for creating lasting and impactful solutions to climate challenges.

Congratulate the Climate Justice Featured Storytellers and Featured Changemakers

Congratulations to the five Featured Storytellers who received a Story Award for their powerful contributions to this call for stories, and to the five Featured Changemakers who are being recognized for their innovative projects addressing climate change. Read their stories and follow their initiatives, and be sure to leave a comment of congratulations.

Featured Storytellers

Featured Changemakers

Let’s keep the activity going. Check out the World Pulse Environment Hub.

While the 2023 Climate Justice Digital Campaign is now closed, the Environment Hub is always open. Explore the Hub to be inspired in your climate activism and keep the conversation going. Share your advice, stories, and initiatives. Let's continue to craft sustainable solutions and mobilize for a greener future.

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